Employing Young Talent Incentive (EYTI)

Small businesses can receive up to $2000 for hiring a young person.

The Employing Young Talent Incentive (EYTI) helps small businesses hire and retain Employment Services (ES) assisted youth between the ages of 15-29.

EYTI Overview

The Employing Young Talent Incentive (EYTI) helps small businesses hire and retain Employment Services (ES) assisted youth between the ages of 15-29. ES assisted youth are individuals between the ages of 15 and 29, unemployed, not participating in full-time training or education, and legally entitled to work in Canada. Through Employment Service (ES) services, employers who meet the eligibility requirements can receive up to $2000 for hiring and/or retaining ES Assisted Youth clients.

To qualify for the Employing Young Talent Incentive, the employer must:

  • have fewer than 100 employees (including part-time and full-time employees), counted at the point the youth will start work;
  • hire the ES assisted youth (between the ages of 15-29) for a job that averages at least 20 hrs per week through the Job Matching, Placement and Incentives component of the ES program to receive the hiring incentive of $1,000;
  • retain the ES assisted youth hire at a minimum of 20 hours per week to receive the retention incentive of $1,000; and,
  • be licensed to operate in Ontario and provide the job in Ontario.

EYTI Eligibility

In order to be eligible for receipt of a hiring and retention incentive, employers must have accessed the following job matching services:

Needs Identification

Working with the employer to identify their workforce needs, including supporting the employer in identifying the skills and competencies required to perform work.

Screening Support

Supporting employers in screening and identifying youth participants who may be a suitable match based on their relevant skills, education and interests. Screening support may involve employing approaches such as on-site job shadows, and job coaching.

Get More Information

To inquire about EYTI opportunities, please contact your local Employment Help Centre and ask to speak with a Job Developer.

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