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Get Help Exploring Your Career Opportunities

Youth Job Link is designed to help youth, including students, aged 15 to 29 plan their careers and transition to the labour market.

YJL offers three categories of employment services.

Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Career exploration services to increase knowledge of career options and support career decision-making.

Career Management

Career Management

Career management services to improve readiness for the labour market.

Job Matching

Youth Job Matching

Job matching assistance to connect youth with employers offering employment opportunities, including summer jobs.


Summer Jobs

Visit one of our locations and we’ll help you explore your career goals and connect you with local employers.

Youth Job Link


Financial Incentives

  • Up to $300 is available per participant, for a combination of Individual-focused Employment Supports and Employer Incentives.
  • Individual-focused Employment Supports can be used to offset work related costs such as transportation, work clothing and equipment.
  • Up to $600 is available in addition to the $300 maximum for employment supports for youth with disabilities.

Individual Eligibility for Supports and Incentives

Financial incentives are only available for youth participating in the Job Matching component.

To be eligible for incentives and supports, youth must:

  • be 15-29;
  • be an Ontario resident;
  • be eligible to work in Ontario;
  • have no previous work experience.

Employer Eligibility for Incentives

All employers are eligible for job matching services.

The Employer Incentives are intended to encourage employers to hire youth who have been pre-screened by the EHC and are motivated to work.

*The employer incentives are not a wage subsidy.

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