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The Employment Help Centre (EHC) – located in Beamsville, Grimsby and Smithville – is a not-for-profit charity providing a full range of employment services and supports to job seekers and employers.

Whether you need a simple resume tune-up or personalized support, we can provide assistance at all levels of your job search. Looking to hire? We make finding the right employee simple, convenient and cost-effective.

By providing the necessary services, knowledgeable staff, and employing common standards, the EHC strives towards making an impact on the lives of individuals and building a stronger West Niagara community. Our services are free and confidential.

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Non-Profit Resume Tips

More than 1.5 million people work in Canada’s not-for-profit sector. You may already be one of them. Or it could be that you’re looking to move from the for-profit world.

Employee Onboarding

Keeping in mind that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, your business should make absolutely sure that new hires feel welcomed, valued, and prepared for what lies ahead
computer with media icons surrounding it

Job Skills For 2020

Demographics, cultural trends, and new technologies are rapidly changing the job market. Check out job skills for the year 2020, and why we're going to need them.
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Mental Hacks To Nail Your Interview

Nerves are the ultimate enemy to any interview success story. It doesn't matter how qualified you are; if you find yourself in a panic, you’re likely to undercut your chances of success.
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Important Hires For Small Business

While one day a founder might be taking care of CFO responsibilities, like figuring out how to allot company funds and obtain outside financing, the next day he or she might be hitting the phones and cold-calling for sales leads.
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What's Your Brand?

I am not an avid Coke drinker by any means but during the holidays I cannot resist purchasing a six pack of those little glass bottles of dark, sweet, caffeinated liquid!
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Targeted Resumes

In today's competitive job market, what can you do to make your resume stand out? No, using coloured paper and fancy fonts will not do the trick. Neither will including an 8 x 10 glossy photo of yourself.
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Can You Hear How Stressed I Am?

Stress; we all experience it. It's a daily reminder of life's pressures and of one's expectations. Did you know people can hear stress in your voice on the telephone?
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How to Keep Your Job

So you've a landed a job! Congratulations! Now what can you do to keep it? There are several ways in which you can ensure that you maintain your position and your opportunity for growth with an employer.