The EHC Team

Our friendly and resourceful staff.

We’re here to help both career seekers and employers every step of the way.

Resource Advisors

Pat Stewart

Resource Advisor

Rose Davidson - Employment Help Centre

Rose Davidson

Resource Advisor

Debbie Watson - Employment Help Centre

Debra-Ann Watson

Resource Advisor

Employment Advisors

Kathy Glodziak

Employment Advisor

Linda Cage

Employment Advisor

Madison Rudzinski - Employment Help Centre

Madison Rudzinski

Employment Advisor

Nicole Saddler - Employment Help Centre

Nicole Saddler

Employment Advisor

Steven Hodges - Employment Help Centre

Steven Hodge

Employment Advisor

Job Developers

Lindsay Cairns

Job Developer

Joan Popowich - Employment Help Centre

Joan Popowich

Job Developer

Meg Yoder - Employment Help Centre

Meg Yoder

Job Developer

Program & Outreach Facilitators

Jesse Chappell

Program & Outreach Facilitator


Adrian Burlacu - Employment Help Centre

Adrian Burlacu

Financial Coordinator


Paul Robertson

Executive Director

Graham Schaefer

Operations Manager

Faith Lowe

Manager of Employment Programs and Services