Quarterly Employment Forecasting Survey

We invite employers in the Niagara West region to participate in our quarterly Employment Forecast Survey.

This survey is designed to measure local hiring trends and provide valuable insights into the current state of employment in the region. Your participation is highly valued and will help us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the job market, enabling us to better support employers and job seekers alike. We encourage all employers to take part in this important survey and share their valuable insights with us.

Thank you for your participation.

Employment Forecast Q1 2024

Employer Services

Streamline Your Hiring Process with Our Expert Recruitment Services

Recruitment & Hiring

We make finding the right person for the job simple, convenient and cost-effective. Our services include free job postings on website, social media and job board, recruitment consultation, job fairs and referral of suitable potential employees.

Job Matching & Placement

Our program bridges the gap between employer and job seeker allowing us to match your work opportunity with qualified candidates. We can develop a customized on-the-job training plan to assist in building a successful working relationship.

Employer Incentives

Employers may be eligible to receive financial incentives that support on-the-job training and work experience opportunities for participants. Incentive levels do vary and are based on the skill level and length of training required.